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When the essence of peculiarity is needed, this amazing looking centrepiece is the one to have. With its undulating heights and stunning ambience, your table would look exceptional as well as gorgeous.

These can be used as an array on a rectangular VIP table or as single centrepieces on round tables.

Stunning NEW candelabra centerpiece, featuring 8 multi height electro-plated candle holders, comes with 25cm Height windlight tubes.

1 x 65cmH (use a 40cm pole)
1 x 75cmH (use a 50cm pole)
1 x 85cmH (use a 60cm pole)
1 x 95cmH (use a 30 + 40cm pole)
1 x 105cmH (use a 40 + 40cm pole)
1 x 115cmH (use a 40 + 50cm pole)
1 x 125cmH (use a 50 + 50cm pole)
1 x 135cmH (use a 50 + 60cm pole)

8 Holder Multi Height Gold Candelabra

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